Film Set (Trees):

Location: Burnaby

Crane Used: 422 Hiab

Description: It’s no secret that Metro Vancouver has become Hollywood’s new favourite place to film. Of course, why wouldn’t they? The city has absolute star quality. The real secret, is who do they call when they need help building their sets? This top-secret project was done for a film set in Burnaby earlier in 2015. Behind the scenes, our guys jumped at the task of getting these trees to the site and securely planting them in their wooden crates using our 422 Hiab.

Seniors Home:

Location: Vancouver

Crane Used: Stinger

Description: Technology advances a lot faster than we can imagine. Clay homes became concrete, single-level dwellings became high rises, and old buildings were remodeled to fit the bill. But how do people make these remodels without starting from scratch? Simple. They hire crane specialists like us to make their repairs and remodels easier. Gone are the days where 15 people must attempt to carry air conditioners up multiple flights of stairs. Now, you can let us do the work for you. This project was done at a seniors home in Vancouver where one of our guys lifted air conditioner units to upper level rooms using our most sought after Stinger.