No matter how big or small your job is, we are here to help you find the perfect crane.

Our selection of Hiabs ranges from 288 models to 800 models and function from lightweight to heavyweight cranes. Deciding which crane is right for your job can be as simple as knowing the weight of your load, the reach you require, and the area of the space we need to setup in. Our lightweight cranes typically have the ability of sitting on smaller trucks, which is great for jobs that are limited on space because it allows for the crane to fit into a tighter/smaller area. Interesting Fact: some of our 422 Hiabs are custom equipped to tractors, which allows for a more heavy duty crane to fit into a smaller spot.

Each of our cranes are capable of lifting anything from A/C units, to containers, to commercial equipment–it all really depends on the weight of the item and the reach you require. In addition, we have quite a few specialty cranes that, if required, can use a jib, a winch, or a pipe rack.

Our selection of Stingers ranges from 28ton National cranes and 40ton National cranes. Stingers are typically one step up from a Hiab since they have the ability to reach higher than most Hiab cranes, and of course, depending on your desired reach, can have the potential to lift more. Similar to its sister crane, Stingers are capable of lifting items such as A/C units, trees, hot tubs, steel, trusses, and the ability to place windows. Interesting Fact: Our 40ton is equipped with a Jib that offers an extension on the crane that allows it to reach even further.

Our 180ton Cormach is one of our more unique specialty cranes as it has the ability to extend vertically 60ft and then horizontally 65ft like a tower crane. How would this benefit you? Well, the Cormach can setup between alleys and extend five floors straight up and then bend horizontally into a building to deliver your goods. Built to withstand your heavy loads, the Cormach can lift anything from heavy transformers, septic tanks, water tanks, machinery and other large scale items. And to further extend its reach, the crane can be equipped with both a mini jib as well as a hydraulic jib. Interesting Fact: this crane does not require a permit to use and is often referred to as “The Elephant”.

And to make sure things run as smooth as possible, we ensure all our trucks are equipped with the right safety equipment.

Fun Fact: we use Clarity Hydraulic Fluid, which is a biodegradable oil made from vegetables.

1. How fast can you do a job?

1a. All jobs are done as quickly and efficiently as possible, however, we try not to rush our drivers so that we can prevent any risks of accidents and/or errors.

2. I’m not sure what kind of crane I will need, can someone visit the job site to verify?

2a. Of course, we will be happy to asses the jobsite beforehand to make sure we send the right kind of crane out. Give us a call to discuss specifics.

3. What kinds of things can you lift?

3a.. We can crane all sorts of things; lumber, industrial items, A/C units, Steel, etc. If you are unsure if we can, give us a call! We try to accommodate everyone the best that we can!