From point A to B, our fleet of Tractor-Trailer combos can be sure to accommodate your delivery.

We understand that every load is different, so we make sure that you always get matched to the right fit.

What else can we provide?

Whether it’s industrial moving, steel, or lumber, if you need something moved, we can do it for you!

1. My load is oversize, can you still do the job?

1a. We do our best to accommodate special loads. Just make sure to disclose this information when you call in.

2. Do you send loads outside of the Lower Mainland?

2a.. Yes we do! We travel to most interior locations and to the Island.

3. I need a load to go to Alberta, can you do this?

3a. We do frequently head out to Alberta, however, we require some notice to do so. Give us a call to discuss specifics!

4.What is the difference between a Halfside B-Train and a Regular B-Train?

4a. Half-side’s are great for transporting scrap. We have two kinds of half-side b-trains; metal and plywood.

5. What is the difference between a Tridem and a Tandem?

5a. Tridems have a three axles and Tandems have a two axles. So that means that Tridems are capable of carrying more weight than Tandems.

6. What is the difference between a flat deck and a step deck?

6a. Flat decks can typically carry loads that reach a max height of 9ft, while step decks allow you to carry a max height of 10ft without requiring a permit.