Trusses in the Snow:

Location: North Burnaby

Crane Used: Stinger

Description: It doesn’t always snow in Metro-Vancouver, but when it does, it can be magical and our team is prepared to keep the magic alive. We know that snow can be intimidating for many people, but not us. Our guys are prepared to find the best and safest solution in situations like these so that you don’t find yourself stranded in the snow. This project was done in a residential area of North Burnaby a few years ago where we aided in the installation of trusses for this development with our Stinger.

Shopping Center:

Location: Near Pacific Border

Crane Used: Stinger

Description: We don’t always think about what goes into making shopping centers, but at the heart of every body is a structural skeleton that plays a key role in keeping a body standing upright. This project was done using our Stinger near the Pacific Border where our guys went in and masterfully erected steel posts that play a fundamental role in this building’s structural integrity.