Standard Truck & Crane Ltd. provides services across the lower mainland and throughout British Columbia. No matter how big, or small, your job is we can help you find the perfect crane. Our fleet contains cranes that can lift up to 72 tons, as well as cranes that can reach up to 167ft in height.

We have done jobs ranging from moving hot tubs over houses and into gazebos to moving trees. We also frequently move containers from location to location, as well as smaller jobs such as moving refrigerators. Industrial moving, steel, or lumber, you name it–if you need something moved, we can do it for you. To find out our rates give us a call at 604-566-9732.

Our Fleet:

Our ever-expanding fleet includes the following:

  • Hiabs (Models 200-800) including rearmounted cranes
  • Cormachs
  • Stingers
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Courier Vehicles


Standard Truck & Crane Ltd. is known for making safety their number one priority, and the first step in ensuring that our safety standards are met is through vehicle safety. All of our truck and cranes undergo an annual inspection to ensure that they are up to industry safety standards. Vehicle maintenance also occurs daily by our crew who are determined to complete your job effectively and efficiently without sacrificing quality service.